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T1 Rachael

Rachael Jones


Rachael is the founder of Clover Capital Group, LLC.  Along with her husband and two kids, she lives near Charlotte, NC.  She hold an MS in Mechanical Engineering. Rachael has 15+ years experience in project design, management and execution at Global 500 companies. She actively manages $20M+ in real estate investments. Rachael's expertise is in process development, team building, cross-group communication and efficient follow-up to ensure quality implementation of the business plan.


Adam Jones

Adam is the business development advisor for Clover Capital Group. Along with his wife and two kids, he lives near Charlotte, NC.  He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from UNC-Charlotte. With 12+ years of experience in design, sales, and project management in the nuclear industry he brings talent and experience in financial modeling, contract design, underwriting, and risk mitigation planning.


Thompson Place Apartments - 65 Unit Value-Add - Charlotte, NC

C-Class Asset  |  Light Value-Add | Purchased July 2023

Projected Avg. Annual Return 18%+ | Projected Avg. Cash-on-Cash 12.2% | Projected 5 Year Hold

CAPEX Scope:  Drainage, gutters, dog park, picnic area, mitigate wiring, minor interior updates

green townhome style apartment building with stairs

Columbia Rising - 29 Unit Value-Add - Columbia, SC

29 Units  | C-Class Asset  |  Heavy Value-Add | Purchased June 2023

Projected 2x Equity Multiple | Projected Avg. Annual Return 30%+ | Projected Avg. Cash-on-Cash 9.9% | Projected 3 Year Hold

CAPEX Scope: Exterior face lift, perimeter fence, gutters, tree work, laundry room, dog park, interior updates

Website: https://rentcolumbiarising.com/

The Heights @ Midtown - 106 Unit Off Market Value-Add - Tulsa, OK

106 Units   |   C+ Class Asset   |   Stabilized   |   Value-Add   |  Syndication | Purchased July 2022

Projected 2x Equity Multiple  |  Projected Avg. Annual Return 21%  Projected Avg. Cash-on-Cash 7%   |   Projected 5 Year Hold

Website for The Heights @ Midtown: https://www.theheightsmidtown.com/


The 28 at Mount Holly - 28 Unit Off Market Value-Add - Mount Holly, NC

28 Units   |   C+ Class Asset   |   Heavy Value-Add   |  Syndication | Purchased May 2022

CAPEX Scope: Exterior face lift, new gutters, parking lot resurface, tree removal/maintenance, heavy interior renovations

The Elms - 6 Unit Value-Add - Dallas, NC

Forced Appreciation Value-Add  |  Purchased Sep 2020

Projected 4.2x Equity Multiple  |  Projected CoC 20%+ |  Long Term Hold

CAPEX Scope: Interior renovations


Single Family Rental Portfolio - Value-Add - NC

2 Units  |  Value-Add  |  Purchased 2017-2019

Avg. Projected 18%+ CoC | Projected 2.1x Equity Multiple

CAPEX Scope: Interior renovations, new roof, new HVAC

Cash-out refinance: 1.9x return on capital


Screenshot 2023-02-09 9.28.51 AM

Manufactured Home Park - Off Market Value-Add - Hickory, NC

8 Lots  |  Heavy Value-Add  |  Joint Venture | Oct 2021 - Dec 2023

Exited at 13% UYoC | 2.6x EM | 61% IRR

CAPEX Scope: Tree Removal/Maintenance, Infill, Sewer/Water/Electrical Replacement

Triplex -  Gastonia, NC

3 Units | Forced Appreciation + Value-Add  |   Aug 2019 - May 2022

Exited at 4.3x Equity Multiple  |   83% IRR

CAPEX Scope: Landscaping, Grading, Parking Lot, Sewer Line Replacement, Interior Renovations

Screenshot 2022-09-18 9.34.56 PM

Single Family Rental - Off-Market - NC

1 Unit  |  Forced Appreciation + Value-Add  |  Oct 2018 - Jun 2022

Exited at 3.9x Equity Multiple | 49% IRR

CAPEX Scope: Updated plumbing, New roof, new HVAC

Single Family Rental Portfolio - Gastonia - NC

Forced Appreciation + Value-Add  |  Jan 2017 - Jun 2023

Exited at 2.4x EM | 10.8% UYOC

CAPEX Scope: Updated interiors, updated plumbing, new roof, new HVAC