Create Financial Freedom (in 10yrs or Less)

Have you ever caught yourself thinking one day you would be able to wake up and do exactly what you want to do every day without worrying about the cost?

But right now you don’t feel like you have enough financial freedom to do that.

You’re stuck spending time to earn money.

You are working harder than ever to earn more money but you keep finding yourself in the same position as when you started.

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to discover your most valuable asset – YOU.

It’s time to take back control and boldly activate your wealth strategy!

Here is what you can do:

1) Learn About Options

  • Did you know you can use IRA funds NOW to diversify into real estate?
  • How about funding a high cash value life insurance policy can efficiently fund your real estate investments?
  • What about going in with a group to buy a property instead of doing it all (or even most of it) yourself?

2) Leverage your network:

  • Start asking around if anyone else invests in real estate – you may be surprised at how many do!
  • The more people you know, the more options you have and the more you can learn.  –> Talk to your realtor, your property manager, your banker, your insurance agent and other key people to understand the unique contacts and options you have.

3) Create a Strategy:

  • Your financial goals CAN BE ACHIEVED.  Just allow your money to work for you, instead of the other way around.  Identify places your money is not working hard enough and adjust your investments to align with your plans.
  • By continuing to let your money work harder for you while you still earn an income, you cut down on the time to actually achieve it drastically.  A cash flowing, tax efficient asset like real estate can replace your income faster than you might think with less time needed to manage it.

If you’re interested in giving real estate investing a try, there are plenty of ways to do it either on your own, through REITs or as a group purchase.

We’re happy to support you in any way we can, and specialize in group buying (also known as crowd funding or syndication).  

Since real estate investing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, it does require a time commitment (~3-7 years) and some financial resources (typically $25k-$100k+).

However, if you’re ready to add real estate investing to your portfolio Join Club Clover to keep learning and be the first to hear about new investment opportunities

Want to use real estate to build your own luck, but need more time/money/education?

We’re here to help.

You can start making an impact  sooner than you think.

Join Club Clover and start building your own luck today!


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