Step 1: Define Your Goals

If you never had to worry about  money again, what would you do?

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to get to that point, whether you are starting with a modest paycheck or an unexpected windfall.  

Defining your goals, both personally and financially is the first step to preparing for an opportunity.  It doesn’t have to be perfectly worded, or for forever.  Goals evolve the same way we do.  Writing them down helps you stay focused and makes hard choices easier.

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Step 2: Learn

Now that you have a first draft of your goals, the next step is to learn which  investing strategies can help you most efficiently achieve them. 

These can be combined to customize it for you.

Is time freedom your main objective? This return strategy offers ongoing income with very little ongoing time commitment.

Are you looking to maximize your return and liquidity is not a concern? This return strategy offers larger returns based on an ownership percentage and target time horizon.

Are you looking to minimize taxes on your passive investments?  This is a powerful strategy for investors who are interested in long term planning.

The more you know, the surer your steps towards your goals.

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Step 3: Find the Right Match

A summary of all available investments offered by Clover Capital Group is below.

We also partner with other teams to provide a variety of high-quality investment options.  If you looking for something different, let us know.  We're here to empower you.

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