Step 2: Identify the Milestones

This part I really enjoy.

A business plan is just the path from today to the goal you identified from this post.


Once you know your destination, you can start filling in the big steps and milestones along the way.


Keep in mind – the only thing guaranteed is change. This will not be perfect!


At this point we’re not getting very detailed, but a clear path from today to your goals laid out for the different aspects of the project keeps your team all rowing in the same direction.


Questions we answer with the team at this stage:

What maintenance/upgrades are required (either for safety, habitability or insurance)?

Which of the pieces in our goal are the biggest levers to achieving returns?

What level of operational changes are needed?

What level of interior finish best supports our end goal?

How much up-front capital do we have to work with?

What timeline are we on to achieve the target market rents?

Once you have these pieces agreed to with your team, you can see much farther ahead to where you want to end up, like viewing the rest of the trail from the top of a mountain.

Next we’ll cover how to enact your plan with your team so that it is both robust AND flexible to big picture (macro) changes.

Love being part of the transformations but not the time and process?

No problem! 

Let’s talk about how you can make an impact – both in your life and the lives of others.



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